101 SSS observations between 00n and 30n in 2002-2015

You can download from the above link the underway SSS data taken between 00n and 30n in the western Pacific seas, the average salinity by latitude, and its graph. Also, please refer to the following brief explanations about data, sensor, quality check, etc.


Data include the underway SSS observed mostly in 00n151e-30n138e or in 00n144e-30n137e tracks of the vessel. The average salinity by latitude and its graph are also available. The salinity value in the file has been corrected by the drift value obtained by the calibration test of the sensor. Data accompany SST whenever available. The file name denotes starting date (yymmdd)-ending date_starting lati/longi-ending lati/longi _vessel id No.


As the conductivity sensor for SSS, SBE 45, Serial No. 4525798-0050 by Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc. has been deployed. The sensor is set in the flow-thru unit that takes in ship's cooling sea water for the air conditioner. Salinity is measured at every one minute together with time, position and ships heading. Sea water temperature is measured at the engine room bottom by inserting the probe to the cooling sea water pipe immediately above the service pump. For the temperature sensor, Palt-Rt by Suzuki Electronics Co., Ltd. had been used between Jul. 2002 and Sept. 2004, and afterwards SBE38, Serial No. 3836226-0228 by Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

Quality Check:

Data with no position, shipfs speed under 3kt, and flow volume less than 0.5lit/min., are rejected, and we eliminate any spiky data by drawing a salinity and temperature graph. We also provide a maintenance service to the equipment during every port time of the vessel in Japan, including the conductivity sensor cleaning and salinity measurement in dry air to confirm the normal function of the sensor.

The regular calibration tests of the conductivity sensor have been undergone about two-year interval. The following lines show the sensor test date, drift value and applicable period for salinity correction.

Apr. 22, 2015 +0.0035psu/month Apr. 2013-Mar. 2015
Apr. 3, 2013 +0.0032psu/month Oct. 2010-Mar. 2013
Sept. 23, 2010 +0.0021psu/month Sept. 2009-Aug. 2010
Sept. 11, 2008 +0.0031psu/month Sept. 2006-Aug. 2008
Sept. 15, 2006 +0.0067psu/month Oct. 2004-Aug. 2006
Oct. 2, 2004 +0.0035psu/month Jul. 2002-Sept. 2004

Please note that salinity value in the file has already been corrected by using the above drift values.

The Voluntary Observing Ship:

The outline of the vessel that carries the observation equipment is as follows.

Vessel type; Coal carrier

Principal particulars; 249.9m Loa x 43.0m B x 18.7mD, about 89,000dwt with navigation speed of 14kt, draft at full load 11.8m

Please note that the draft of the vessel varies about 5m between south and north bound trip, with the draft at about 7m for southbound and 12m for northbound service. The difference of the seawater intake level of the vessel may however be smaller than 5m due to the effect of trim of the vessel, i.e. to elevate the bow to keep the propeller underwater in the light condition, though quantification is difficult.


You may freely duplicate, process, distribute and publish the contents available from this page, though Vos Nippon holds copyrights of the observed data. We would request however that you display an appropriate reference note describing the data are provided by Vos Nippon when a part or all of the contents of this site are referred to.


  • 020717-020723_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 020809-020815_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 020824-020830_29N139E-00N151E_02.csv 29n30-00n
  • 020912-020917_04N148E-30N138E_02.csv 04n21-30n59
  • 020921-020927_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv 30n10-00n
  • 021214-021220_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 021225-021231_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv


  • 030113-030119_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv 00n-30n41
  • 030126-030131_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 030221-030227_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv 20% data missing
  • 030305-030311_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 030402-030408_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 030413-030418_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv 30% data missing
  • 030813-030819_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 030914-030922_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv irregular track in 26n-28n


  • 040125-040131_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 040206-040212_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 040313-040319_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 040408-040415_00N150E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 040521-040527_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 040605-040611_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 040628-040705_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 040710-040716_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 040728-040803_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 040809-040815_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 040901-040909_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv 00n41-04n50 no data
  • 041031-041106_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 041122-041128_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv


  • 050117-050123_29N139E-00N151E_02.csv 15% data missing
  • 050203-050209_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 050214-050220_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 050324-050329_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 050408-050414_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 050618-050624_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 050815-050821_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 050917-050923_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 051018-051025_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 051124-051130_03N149E-30N138E_02.csv 03n12-30n
  • 051230-060105_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv


  • 060110-060117_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv
  • 060204-060211_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 060215-060221_30N138E-00N151E_02.csv 30n16-00n
  • 060311-060317_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 060419-060425_00N151E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 060524-060530_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv 00n144e at the equator
  • 060614-060620_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 061101-061107_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 061209-061215_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv


  • 070213-070219_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv 30n15-00n
  • 070304-070310_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 070427-070503_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 070602-070607_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 070612-070618_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 070928-071004_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 071103-071109_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 071115-071121_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 071222-071228_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv


  • 080107-080113_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 080207-080213_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 080218-080224_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 080804-080810_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 081105-081111_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv 30n54-00n
  • 081207-081213_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv


  • 090116-090122_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 090201-090208_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 090222-090228_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 090323-090329_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 090403-090409_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 090503-090510_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 090609-090615_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 091007-091014_00N144E-30N136E_02.csv max 4 deg. deviated west in 20n-22n
  • 091211-091217_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv 00n-05n partly no data


  • 100318-100324_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 100402-100407_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 100424-100430_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 101014-101020_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 101121-101127_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 101210-101216_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv


  • 110103-110109_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 110707-110713_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv


  • 120503-120510_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 120602-120609_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 120712-120718_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 120816-120822_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv


  • 130304-130311_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv 13n-14n, 18n-22n partly no data
  • 130728-130803_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 130825-130901_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 130905-130912_30N138E-00N152E_02.csv
  • 130928-131005_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 131224-131231_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv


  • 140116-140123_00N152E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 140321-140328_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 140416-140423_00N152E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 140623-140630_30N138E-00N152E_02.csv
  • 140722-140730_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 140804-140811_30N139E-00N152E_02.csv
  • 140824-140831_00N144E-30N137E_02.csv
  • 141226-150102_30N137E-00N144E_02.csv


  • 150124-150202_00N152E-30N138E_02.csv
  • 150207-150215_30N138E-00N144E_02.csv
  • 150226-150306_00N152E-30N138E_02.csv